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[Issue 205] Make branch builds more obvious


------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Fri Dec 15 21:07:32 +0000 2006 -------
Well, what if you change the CVS modules which are checked out? Or the
repository? Or the Ant target / Maven goal? It would be impractical to provide
columns for all of these things, yet they are all critical configurable aspects
of the project. Hudson has no good way of knowing that the branch is the most
salient thing about your project; only you, the admin, knows that. It is better
to just encode the important information in the project name. (That will also
show up in failure mails, RSS feeds, etc. etc.)

If your main concern is that someone might forget to follow project naming
conventions you decide on, why not write a plug-in to verify them? I'm not so
familiar with the plug-in APIs yet but I imagine this is possible somehow.

At worst,

1. Write a Groovy script that verifies project naming conventions however you
like. If there are violations, println("VIOLATION: ....") from the script.

2. Write a shell script which calls wget (Linux) on .../hudson/script with that
Groovy script in the body, and prints just failures (| fgrep VIOLATION).

3. Add to your crontab.

VoilĂ ! If anyone breaks the convention, you get mail.

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