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[Issue 327] let it work beneath apache2 mod_proxy


------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Tue Feb 27 18:47:33 +0000 2007 -------
OK, I asked in a wrong way, so let me try again.

Reproducing a problem is usually a hardest and most time consuming part of the
bug fixing. It is particularly so if it involves another piece of software, like
this case.

Therefore, project maintainers normally first try to understand the problem as
much from the reporter, in the hope that there's no need to go through the steps
to reproduce the problem.

That's why I'm asking. If you can please do some more experiments, and try to
diagnose the problem by yourself, and report what you did and what you find,
that would be helpful. That would be very helpful.

For example, try accessing a few more pages. When you say "blank page", what is
it that you are getting? HTTP headers? etc, etc.

Also, given the way HTTP works, if you try to map http://localhost:8180/hudson
to your Apache's /, then that would require you to rewrite HTML pages, as
illustrated in the use of mod_proxy_html in

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