Issue accesing variable inside script in ActiveChoice plugin (ver2.4)

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Issue accesing variable inside script in ActiveChoice plugin (ver2.4)

chencho m-a
Hi all, 

I have a script which is writting the configuration of ActiveChoice instead of use the browser. 

So I am sending a hashmap as parameters but I am unable to acces it inside the script 

def components_param(hash_map){ // Section header
    return [$class: 'DynamicReferenceParameter',
            choiceType: 'ET_FORMATTED_HTML', 
            description: '', 
            name: '', 
            randomName: "choice-parameter-${UUID.randomUUID()}",
            omitValueField: false,
            referencedParameters: 'sdk',
            script: [
                $class: 'GroovyScript',
                fallbackScript: [
                    classpath: [], sandbox: false, script: 'return ["Error,can\'t retrieve components"]',
                script: [
                    classpath: [], sandbox: false, script:'''
def output="<font size='3'><b>Components to be updated ${sdk}</b></font><ul>"
for (comp in  '''+hash_map+'''[sdk].keySet()) {
        output += "<li>"+comp+"</li>"

return output

If I check the content in jenkins UI, i got this error:

startup failed:
Script1: 3: illegal colon after argument expression;
   solution: a complex label expression before a colon must be parenthesized @ line 3, column 43.

The hash_map in jenkins UI takes this form:

 [devel:[extensions:[extension1:[data:[name:name1, type:generic], sdk-ext:sdk-ext-extension1-devel,  extension1-release: extension1-sdk-, ...

How can I parse this hashmap inside ActiveChoice script? In any groovy console is something like:

for (comp in hash_map[sdk].keySet()) {
    println comp

Any help will be appreciated

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