Issues with Multibranch Pipeline jobs

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Issues with Multibranch Pipeline jobs

Anuradha Mukundan
I am using Jenkins 2.235.1 version, and trying to set up a multibranch pipeline to be built on every branch starting with some prefix and also for every PRs raised against master.

I am seeing two issues currrently:
1. On branch builds, If I force update a commit on the branch by rebasing or adding some changes, my branch job gets disabled and I am not able to build any more from that branch.

2. On PRs, a fresh PR raised against master build is auto triggered in jenkins. but if I add any more commits to the same branch which is in PR, its not been realised and auto trigger does not happen. I have to manually refresh the PR once and trigger build manually in jenkins to get the latest changes built.

Could you help me with solving these issues?


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