JClouds with EC2 ignoring specified subnets?

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JClouds with EC2 ignoring specified subnets?

Andrew Grimberg
Greetings folks,

I'm trying to get the JClouds plugin to bring up instances on EC2 under
a different VPC than the default. I've got a specific security group
configured attached to the correct VPC and the when the instance is
being brought up it tries to use that, however no matter what I do,
specify vpc or subnet in the subnets option it _always_ tries to bring
the instance up in the default vpc which then fails since the SG is not
part of that vpc.

Is there a reason why it's always trying to use the default vpc? Is
there any way that I can force it to only allocate against a particular
VPC? Is this a bug that I should be raising instead?


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