JUnit plugin defining adding XML Parse Configurer?

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JUnit plugin defining adding XML Parse Configurer?

Jaromir Hamala

I wonder what's the reason for the JUnit plugin to define a new global XML Parser Configurator? I believe the XMLEntityResolver is only useful for the junit plugin itself - when it's parsing TestNG output. Other parts of Jenkins do not benefit from this extension and I don't understand why the resolver is registered globally. 

I realized this is causing performance issues: The JUnit plugin initiates a RPC to fetch parser configurators before parsing *each* test result XML file. Now image what happens when you have 1000's XML files to parse and a non-trivial network latency between a master Jenkins installation and slave agents. I had sent a PR to cache the parser configurators and it was suggested to completely remove the global registration - here is a PR with a candidate fix. 

Can anyone have a look at the new PR


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