Jenkins Contributor Summit Feb 2021

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Jenkins Contributor Summit Feb 2021

Mark Waite-2
In the past, we've hosted a Jenkins Contributor Summit the day before the FOSDEM conference in Belgium.  This year's FOSDEM conference will be 100% online.  We gain no advantage by placing the Contributor Summit the day before FOSDEM.  Limiting it to a single day is unnecessary and does not fit well with the online format and the worldwide Jenkins community.

The Jenkins Governance meeting discussed an online Jenkins Contributor Summit in the last meeting.  I've created a proposed plan for a 3 day online Jenkins Contributor Summit either Feb 23-25 or Feb 16-18.

The summit will happen in 3 parts, an intro session that all attend, separate working sessions on specific topics, with start times adapted to allow participants in that session to attend, then a concluding session that summarizes the results of the working sessions.

I've collected some suggested topics in the proposed plan.  Other topic suggestions are welcomed, as are suggestions for the individuals that might lead those sessions.

Mark Waite

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