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Jenkins GitHub Checks API Plugin Announcement

Xiong Kezhi
Hi all,

This post intents to invite everyone to join the GitHub Checks API Project which has been selected as Google Summer of Code project for this summer. Currently, this project in requirements collecting and designing phase, so we hope anyone interested to join us to share what information about the CI process you want to see on GitHub.

Project Idea:


The GitHub Checks API allows developers to report the CI integrations’ detail information rather than the binary pass/fail build status on GitHub pages. This project is about implementing this API as a new Jenkins plugin. By consuming this API, other plugins can easily create GitHub checks. Thus, any information during the Jenkins process like warnings, summaries, and durations can be directly shown on GitHub pages.


We use gitter for chat, the link is

For those who are not familiar with GitHub Checks API:

The GitHub Checks API allows GitHub repositories to create GitHub Actions against each commit/PR. Instead of the binary result, more information like warnings, code-coverage and almost anything you want about the CI process can be reported here.

Here is an example from the GitHub tutorial:
Check run annotations in the checks tab

In the above screenshot, you can see the CI start-time, duration, failure information, summaries and even annotations for code. The Checks API is flexible enough to custom these information here.

Best regards,

Kezhi Xiong

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