Jenkins Pipelines and Puppet Code RSPEC testing

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Jenkins Pipelines and Puppet Code RSPEC testing

Peter Berghold
Hi folks,

I've been considering creating Jenkins files inside all of my Puppet modules and converting from the way I'm dealing with our Puppet code today to using pipelines.

A thumbnail of what I'm doing today with Jenkins is every Puppet module is "tested" within a Jenkins job which is a mix of shell callouts and rake callouts.   The critical steps are as follows:

bundle exec install     
bundle exec rake spec_clean
bundle exec rake validate 
bundle exec rake lint 
bundle exec rake spec 

This is all done the "Jenkins" way using the rake invocation job item with "bundle exec" checked except for the very first step which is indeed a shell callout

Moving to a pipeline I not only want to do the above but I'd like to generate report especially for the rake spec step.

I get the impression that to invoke the spec steps I'd have to do so as a "sh" step, is that true or is there some much more pipeline-ish way of doing this?   How do I generate and publish reports from a pipeline?   

Hints and nudging me in the right direction appreciated. 

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