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Jenkins SAML Plugin fallback user.

Phillip Bailey
Hello everyone,

On this matter I have already enquired with regards of Jenkins Core
to have a fallback mechanism and I have been advised to address this
issue at the SAML plugin level so that developers of Jenkins core
don't have to reinvent the wheel with new features in the various
authorisation plugins.

Long story short....

I have recently rolled out a Jenkins instance federated into ADFS via Everything works as supposed
to with the exception of a local admin service user i.e. service-admin
which is used for maintenance and configuration tasks hitting the endpoint. Yes, I'm aware that I could generate
a token for service-admin  user and use

Unfortunately due the current setup I cannot use a user associated with
a token. Therefore I'm here to enquire whether there are any plans to
include the user fallback capability as already been implemented into
also in SAML plugin.

I do apologise in advance for the similarities of posts.



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