Jenkins file does not execute 'stage 2'

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Jenkins file does not execute 'stage 2'

gene golub
Hello All,

i am new user to Jenkins.
for some reasons below Jenkins file does not execute 'Stage 2'.
Any help would be apprecuated.

pipeline {
    agent any 
stages {
        stage('Stage 1') {
steps {
                bat "echo running batch file : %date% : %time%"
                bat "dir \"${env.WORKSPACE}\""
                /* bat "call \"${env.WORKSPACE}\"\\326a\\t4.bat" */
                bat "sqlcmd -S l390 -U gene -P xxx -i \"${env.WORKSPACE}\"\\326A\\t4.txt"
        stage('Stage 2') {
steps {
                bat "echo running stage 222"


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