Jenkins hangs after executing SSH Command

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Jenkins hangs after executing SSH Command


I have a Jenkins job which is supposed to execute a command after uploading to the webserver. It's a simple script which kills the current npm process, writes the date to a file and restarts the server. 

kill $(ps faux | grep server.js | grep node | cut -f2 -d' ')
cd /var/www/chatbot
date >> chatbot.log
nohup npm start &

When I execute it as user www-data on the console everything works fine. Unfortunately this is not the case when running from Jenkins. Jenkins executes the command, receives the following output and then stalls 
until I kill the build manually. How can I force Jenkins to disconnect and consider the build a success after executing server-neustart?

SSH: EXEC: STDOUT/STDERR from command [/usr/local/bin/server-neustart] ...
> NetFed-Chatbot@0.1.1 start /var/www/chatbot
> node server.js

Yours Sincerely

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