Jenkins pipeline prematurely kills docker container

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Jenkins pipeline prematurely kills docker container

Hi all,

I am currently dealing with very weird behaviour of my Jenkins instance. I want to use docker containers via pipeline to build my app. But everytime I tried even something simple like this:

node() {
  stage('Build') {
    docker.image('debian:stretch').inside() {
  sh 'sleep 20'

Jenkins kills the container after less than 1 second without any explanaition anywhere (see attached stretch.log). But what is interesting, when I change docker image to debian:jessie (oldstable), everything is working correctly (see attached jessie.log). I also tried executing same code on jessie and stretch nodes, but it was exactly the same.

Can you please help me or at least give some hints/links? I am really stucked and out of ideas. I am using Jenkins 2.73.1 with all plugins updated (today) running directly on Debian Jessie host.

Thank you in advance,
Jan Stourac.

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