Jenkins twitter performance for January

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Jenkins twitter performance for January

Tracy Miranda
Hi all,

Here are the January highlights for the Jenkins Twitter accounts. 

-  Followers upto 35964
- Tweet impressions: 131.3K
- The most popular tweets were:
1. Jenkins is now a CVE numbering authority (18,164 impressions)

- Followers upto 1628
- Tweet impressions: 37.2K
- The most popular tweets were:
1. Happy birthday to me (5715 impressions)
2. Watch @michaelneale from @CloudBees ...(4459 impressions)

Additionally I'll add that I had this Jenkins X first birthday tweetstorm from my personal twitter and the first tweet of that had 32,167 impressions and as a whole the tweetstorm had 57,424 impressions.


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