Jenkins wait 1 minute between each pipeline commands

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Jenkins wait 1 minute between each pipeline commands

Yannick Lacaute

I am building a declarative pipeline, everything is working fine but Jenkins waits around 1 minute between each command !!

12:49:31 [pipeline-poc-sys_master-XYZ] Running shell script
12:50:32 + echo hello world !
12:50:32 hello world !

The command itself is ok (maven build time seems acceptable for example). The problem may come from the communication between the master and the slave.

Could this be a problem related to JNLP ?
Could this be a problem with k8s + declarative syntax (since we are not up to date, I have to use a yaml file for the pod template)

In spite of giving the solution,  could recommend a solutions to investgate ?

Something has changed somewhere because it was working 1 month ago. But it is too compicated to know what is the root cause.

Context :
- Openshift,
- redhat persistent Jenkins
- Slave maven agent (not on master node)
- use JNLP (inbound-agent:4.3-4-alpine)
- declarative pipeline
- no shared workspace (hostpath volume)


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