Jenkins with MacOS Agent - iOS app ARCHIVE FAILED error

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Jenkins with MacOS Agent - iOS app ARCHIVE FAILED error

Ashish Sharma-2

 Hi All,

We are facing an issue while building iOS app using mac agent for jenkins.

We are using fastlane to build app. App is building properly if we connect our agent directly by launching agent jnlp file (connect using browser option).

However it fails and give "** ARCHIVE FAILED**"  error when we connect agent through plist file (reference taken from here & here). Below is the error we get:



The following build commands failed:

CodeSign /usr/local/var/jenkins/Library/Developer/Xcode/xxxx/

(1 failure)


Anyone who has faced and fixed similar issue? Please help. 

  • Jenkins 2.235.1
  • macOS Catalina Version 10.15.6
  • Xcode Version v11.6
  • fastlane version  2.144.0

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