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Carles Capdevila Tejada
Hi there,

Due to the need to improve the performance on the LDAP plugin, our team developed a negative cache feature on top of the LDAP Plugin: https://github.com/SoftwareBuildService/ldap-plugin-negative-cache 

What it does is to imitate the behaviour of the original caching, but instead it caches the refused users, and if they try to log in again and they are still in the cache they are refused again without making a request to LDAP. This allows us to improve performance on our very-busy production instance and it's been running for more than a year with no noticeable issues.

So we were wondering if this feature would be desirable to merge it into the official LDAP Plugin, with which it's already up to date. 

What do you think, is this feature desirable?

Thanks in advance!

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