Mail notification set to unstable for failed build

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Mail notification set to unstable for failed build

Lukas Resch-2

I have the following mailer settings in my post stage:

post {
         always {
             step([$class: 'Mailer',
                 notifyEveryUnstableBuild: true,
                 recipients: emailextrecipients([brokenBuildSuspects(),
                 sendToIndividuals: true])

For a broken build (sh in a stage fails) the mail subject is set to
"unstable".  Within Jenkins the build is shown as failure.

The only thing I have in that Jenkinsfile altering the build status is

post {
                 success {
                     recordIssues tools: [pyLint(pattern:
'pylint.log')], unstableTotalHigh: 10, unstableNewAll: 1

For a stage before the failing one. Could it be that the build result is
not set properly to failure before the always section of the overall
post stage is run?

kind regards,

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