Make a test result intentionally unstable

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Make a test result intentionally unstable

I have a unit test that from time to time deadlocks. To work around that and at least finish the build and collect the results available so far I made use of a timeout in a try and caught the timeout. When this timeout applies now, I get an overall green testrun which is not what I want. When I want so set the test result to 'unstable' either by calling 'unstable' or by setting the result to the string 'UNSTABLE' I still get a succeeded run.

This is my script code, called from a declarative pipeline from the build stages of severak modules/libraries in a build:

(time: 60, unit: 'MINUTES') {                
            rem call my test from here

} catch (err) {
"Caught: ${err}"
//currentBuild.result = 'UNSTABLE';
( message: "Test timeout in stage ${STAGE_NAME}" )

Any ideas whats wrong here?

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