Manual rebuild sets BUILD_CAUSE_UPSTREAMTRIGGER=true??

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Manual rebuild sets BUILD_CAUSE_UPSTREAMTRIGGER=true??

G Dameron
A new behavior after upgrading from 2.150.1 to 2.249.2, concurrently upgrading the Rebuilder plugin from 1.29 to 1.31:

A manual rebuild of a freestyle project now sets both BUILD_CAUSE_MANUALTRIGGER and BUILD_CAUSE_UPSTREAMTRIGGER to true.

A side effect of this change: 

Suppose freestyle project_A triggers freestyle project_B. If project_A is manually rebuilt 10 times in a row, the console log of project_B's 10th run displays all 10 job numbers from project_A as a cascade of "originally caused by:"/"Started by upstream project ..." lines. The same cascade is displayed in the build summary page of project_B's 10th run.

Seems like a bug. Has anyone else seen this?

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