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Mercurial (hg) Branch building - issues

I tried to find any signs of issues on the board around building hg branched repositories with the hudson mercurial plugin, but didn't find anything.  Has anyone successfully done this?  I'm having issues...

I'm running Hudson 1.3.2 and Mercurial Plugin 1.16 (so everything is current).

If I have 'default' and 'rel1.0' branches established in my hg repository.
And I've configured 2 jobs in hudson,
     (1) 'portal' (default branch)
          Repository URL: http://hg/portal
          Branch: <blank>     (if type default in and save, it just blanks it out - but shouldn't matter since blank should assume default like the ? help describes)
     (2) 'portal_rel1.0' (rel1.0 hg branch)
          Repository URL:  http://hg/portal
          Branch:  rel1.0

That show up with an 'hg branches' command like this:

$ hg branches
default                    10785:5dfd25e5b5d7
rel1.0                     10784:293bc9d95eaf


When I'm within the default branch on my local repo (hg branch >> default) and make a change, commit that change to my local hg repo, and then push to the central ci repository, the 'portal' job builds as expected on the correct revision number. (default is tip)

HOWEVER, when I'm within the rel1.0 branch on my local repo (hg branch >> rel1.0) and make a change, commit that change to my local hg repository, and then push to the the central hudson ci repository (rel1.0 is tip), BOTH the 'portal' job AND the 'portal_rel1.0' job build (separate hudson jobs so separate workspaces).  It seems like the 'portal' job should NOT kick off (it does pull the correct revision in and build).  The PROBLEM is that when the 'portal_rel1.0' job pulls in the workspace it does so from a previous, not latest revision?  So if my graph looks like this:

10786 (rel1.0) (tip)
   |                                10785 (default)
   |                                  |
   |                                  |
10784 (rel1.0)                 |
   |                                  |
   |                                  |

10785 builds for the portal (default) which is correct (but probably shouldn't trigger build).  And then also 10784 rel1.0 revision builds for the portal_rel1.0 job which is very wrong.

If anyone has any insight around Hudson Mercurial plugin or who I might contact, I would very much appreciate it and do whatever I can to help troubleshoot the issue.