Migration Gitlabci.yml -> Jenkinsfile

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Migration Gitlabci.yml -> Jenkinsfile

Hello guys,

I am trying to migrate this GitLab-ci.yaml file, however, I am facing a few issues.


New Jenkinsfile:https://gist.github.com/rmarcandier/3ed47effc22b9867c3aea384b5619f32

Current Error:

[Pipeline] sh $ docker top e25a68537b0eeacecddd6b5d0695b06454ac2eb06f19db5bcf6a0cc0cc0002c2 + apk add make ERROR: Unable to lock database: Permission denied ERROR: Failed to open apk database: Permission denied [Pipeline] } $ docker stop --time=1 e25a68537b0eeacecddd6b5d0695b06454ac2eb06f19db5bcf6a0cc0cc0002c2
[Pipeline] // withDockerContainer

I need to generate this binary file and add it inside an Artifactory

Do you have any idea about this error?
Is it the best way to do it? block by block?


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