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Multiple Artifacts in Nexusartfactuploader

Manoj Chander
Hi greetings everyone ,

My project is creating some 60 jars with diff names  , I want to push them  to nexus i could not use wildcard (.jar) build fails seems  nexusArtifactUploader doesnt suport wildcard.

how can i achieve this can i create a loop ? 

is there a better way to do this .

nexusArtifactUploader artifacts: [
            [artifactId: "testservices", classifier: '', file: "/server/services/deploy/"*.jar', type: 'jar']
          credentialsId:  NEXUS_CREDENTIAL_ID,
          groupId: "$group",
          nexusUrl: NEXUS_URL,
          nexusVersion: 'nexus3',
          protocol: 'https',
          repository: NEXUS_REPO ,
          version: "$nexus_version${BUILD_NUMBER}-SNAPSHOT"

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