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When our company originally installed Hudson we were authenticating using Hudson's own security realm and allowed users to sign up. Recently we switched to authenticating with Active Directory. I notice that under the People pages, some of our users appear twice and if you examine their details one version contains a valid email address whilst the other does not. However, I cannot find duplicate entries for any of these users under the jobs directory.

Periodically this causes us issues because Hudson attempts to send build failure messages to these invalid email addresses resulting in a Java exception. Whilst this does not actually affect the status of the job, nevertheless it alarms some of our users when they see a Java exception reported in the build log. So I would like to tidy our installation's configuration up to prevent this happening in future.

If I look in the config.xml file for these users I note that the original



property elements are still present so I am guessing that Hudson uses the one user config.xml  file to generate the information for both user entries on the People page. Is this correct? If not where else does Hudson obtain the information about the additional user from? How can I remove these unwanted users that contain the invalid addresses? Can I do this by removing the HudsonPrivateSecurityRealm elements from the config.xml files by hand or is there a more reliable way to do this?

Any help would be appreciated.


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