Pipeline/Groovy line 1: 24772 Terminated?

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Pipeline/Groovy line 1: 24772 Terminated?


Disclaimer, new to Jenkins, Groovy, etc.. so sorry if this is the wrong group
to post too...
I have a Jenkins Pipeline  script which runs and builds correctly, however when
I review the Console Output I see:
[Pipeline] sh (show)
sh: line 1: 24772 Terminated              sleep 3
The Pipeline code is:
stage ('Merge') {
node('Actel') {
There are more stages above and below this code. It's a bash shell 
script that will run in Clearcase and call another bash shell scripts.
This does work, but don't understand the "Terminated" line. I turn 
on "set -x" to see if it was in the script and is happening before 
the script is launched:
[Pipeline] sh
sh: line 1: 24772 Terminated              sleep 3
+ /tools/scripts/jenkins/ipmi/merge
+ export ACTEL_VERSION=actel/libero/11.8_sp3
  Any ideas how to track this down? I don't see this on any other steps previous
  to this one (all bash shell script that call into the SCM system Clearcase):

  stage('Clean, Set Config Spec and Build IPMI...') {
    node('IPMI') {

  Thanks for any help in advance


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