Pipeline uses 2 executors when changing node

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Pipeline uses 2 executors when changing node

Andreas Tscharner-2
Hello World,

Our setup:
* Jenkins 2.32.2 on Debian Linux
   libvirt Plugin for Jenkins
* 8 VMs on the same server, running Windows 7, building our software
   KVM/QEMU VMs, using libvirt
   labelled "build"
* 4 Ubuntu machines containing 2 VMs each (=8) running Windows 10,
testing our software
   KVM/QEMU VMs, using libvirt
   labelled "aat"

Now I created a pipeline which starts at a "build" node. It runs there
and displays "part of ...".
Now at some point in the pipeline I want to switch to an "aat" node for
testing; I use the step command "build 'SmokeTest'"). It switches to one
of the "aat" nodes (displaying "part of ...") and then the actual job
(SmokeTest) starts at a second "aat" node. The job at the first "aat"
node is just waiting.

How can I make sure that only one "aat" node is being used?

TIA and best regards
Andreas Tscharner                             <[hidden email]>
"Intruder on level one. All Aliens please proceed to level one."
                                       -- Call in "Alien: Resurrection"

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