Plugin Adoption: Jenkins for Azure plug-in’s

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Plugin Adoption: Jenkins for Azure plug-in’s

Pui Chee Chan


My name is PC Chan, I am Program Manager for Jenkins on Azure plug-ins.

Some of you have probably seen a recent announcement we made in Azure update: Jenkins plug-ins for Azure are being retired on 29 February 2024 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure. We have updated our official documentation in to show customers how they can use Az CLI as the replacement, but we are painfully aware that we cannot use Az CLI for some of the plug-ins which are core to Jenkins. We want to make sure we do the right thing for our customers and as part of the Jenkins community, we want to find new maintainers for these plug-ins. Please reach out to [hidden email] if you are interested to adopt any of the plug-in’s we are retiring in 2024. We will share knowledge and assist so that the new maintainer(s) can continue the work.




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