Plugin Parent POM 4.0 - Developer Meetup om May 18, 2:30PM UTC

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Plugin Parent POM 4.0 - Developer Meetup om May 18, 2:30PM UTC

Oleg Nenashev
Hi all,

Just in case you are not subscribed to the Jenkins Online Meetup, on May 18 we will host a developer meetup. James Nord will talk about the recent release of Plugin POM 4.0. 

Maven is widely used for Jenkins plugin development, more than 90% of plugins use it. In order to simplify plugin development, the Jenkins project offers a standard Parent POM which defines the recommended build, verification and release flow. Such parent POM helps us to ensure quality of the Jenkins plugins. In April 2020 we released a new major release of the parent POM which includes a number of important and sometimes incompatible changes: Jenkins core Bill of materials, full migration to SpotBugs, etc.

In this presentation James Nord will talk about the changes introduced in Plugin POM 4.0. What do plugin developers and users get by upgrading? How to upgrade? What obstacles to expect, and how to resolve them?

Best regards,

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