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Plugin development - Delivery pipeline

sneha shejwal



I am working on extending Delivery Pipeline plugin. Before applying my changes I wanted to try with the latest source code and wanted to make sure the process works.


I have downloaded the plugin code for version 1.0.8 from I have performed Maven build using below commands (from the path of the downloaded plugin code):


·         mvn clean

·         mvn validate

·         mvn compile

·         mvn test

·         mvn package


mvn package command created .hpi and .jar files in the target folder of the plugin.


I have uploaded .hpi file in my test Jenkins (Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins, then go to Advanced tab) and also replaced the *.jar file with the *.jar located under the main Jenkins plugin folder on the Jenkins Master. And restarted Jenkins.


But I could not see the Delivery pipeline Plugin option (for original plugin code of version 1.0.8) in the Jenkins job configuration I have created.

Please find attached screenshots for the job configuration, where, one shows the delivery pipeline option and other does not.


It would be really great if you can guide me regarding the process.





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