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Plugin not showing in update center

Honza Brázdil

I've released my plugin v1.7 [1] on Friday 19th but it isn't shown in my jenkins update center.
In the wiki, on [2] and [3] it's shown correctly, but in my Jenkins not.
I've also tried the "check now" button with "Checking Updates... Done" result but with no luck and in the console is [4].
I have Jenkins v1.480.3 and v1.502 it doesn't work in neither of them and I have report from one user of the plugin that he also doesn't see it in update center.

Honza Brázdil

IV 23, 2013 1:51:05 ODP. hudson.model.UpdateSite updateData
SEVERE: ERROR: Digest mismatch: fyL1p498izlZQQkAb03eJH8K0Lk= vs 8rn3mrZHQhyY3aYwc96F43o1xHU= in update site 'default'

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