Pre-approval of Groovy script files

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Pre-approval of Groovy script files

Hi every one !

I'm preparing the migration of my Jenkins project on the Jenkins2 version
and it seems like groovy scripts are not managed the same way.

I have numerous jobs which use groovy scripts.
Some of them are very small, and "inlined" in job config.
For those scripts, current approval system is OK.

Some of them are a bit longer, and are managed in a git repository.
For those scripts, current approval system use "white box" method.

That's not very good for me, because these scripts go deep into Jenkins API.

It seems that the newer version of Jenkins is safer, but make things a bit difficult.
(i don't want to relaunch the same job XXX times to approve each method called)

I would like to find a plugin or a method that would allow me to approve a script file or
manage a list of groovy scripts that could then be used by my jobs without further approval.

If you're familiar with what I'm talking about, thanks to let me know.



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