Question about a plugin for AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)

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Question about a plugin for AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)

Victor Lesau
Hi All!

Currently, there is a plugin for deploying serverless (i.e., Lambda, SNS, SQS, Step Functions, etc) on AWS with SAM (Serverless Application Model). However, theoretically, one can also build serverless using SAM CLI in a container build image that has all the tooling pre-installed, and call it from Jenkins Pipelines, i.e. Jenkinsfile. In the future, we are considering to create a tutorial explaining this process with copy & paste examples. In addition to the tutorial, would it also be useful for the community to create a wrapper *plugin* around such SAM CLI container build image that can be referenced from the Jenkinsfile pipeline configuration file to build and deploy AWS serverless resources? or is the plugin redundant unless it adds additional functionality beyond the container build image?

Sr. Product Manager @ Serverless Application Experience, AWS

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