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Question about issue 46509

Péter Jenővári
Dear Jenkins Developers!

I would like to contribute to Jenkins and I found an issue which might be suitable for me. The number of the issue is 46509. However the description of the issue is quite short. Can you please explain a little bit more, how the proxy configuration in the update center works, and if I can, then how I can access the update center to configure a proxy? If I see more clearly how this works it would be much easier to move proxy settings to Manage Jenkins(or /configure). And I see that the issue was created in 2017 and it was once assigned to somebody, however now the issue is still open, so I also would like to ask if the issue is open and ready to work on, and that if there is any progress made by Serban Constantin, to whom the issue was assigned?

I am waiting for your reply.

Best regards
Peter Jenovari

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