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Stephen Connolly-2

Can you file an issue request for adding multi-module checkout support
to the Accurev plugin.

You may need to request the observer role to file an issue.

The mailing list is the best place to send these questions.

- Stephen

P.S. for mails directed to me, please use my address... which
should be easy to scrape from the list!

Lehman, Curtis wrote:

> Hello,
> My name is Curtis Lehman and I had, I hope, a quick question. I’m
> trying to get Hudson setup with Accurev for my company. The layout of
> our steams in Accurev requires multiple streams/workspaces to be
> checkout out to do a build. Is it possible to somehow configure the
> Hudson Accurev plugin to allow me to enter multiple stream names for a
> given job. I’m wanting Hudson to check out each stream or workspace as
> siblings in a common directory. For example, I want to create a job
> that uses streams A, B, and C, in a common directory. The directory
> structure would look like:
> Parent directory |
> | -> A
> | -> B
> | -> C
> Thanks,
> Curt
> P.S I couldn’t find a specific maling list for this e-mail, but if
> there is a user or news group I should be directing this towards, just
> let me know and I’m sorry to bother you.
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