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Erik Ramfelt
Hi Tom

I havent heard of any similar issue so it would be great if you could
add it to the jira so it can be tracked.

Are all builds triggered by a SCM change? You can tell by looking at
one of the builds page, and if it says "triggered by SCM".
Are the jobs built on the same machine?

The build is started either because the workspace is invalid (or not
present on the machine) or if there has been a commit during a period.
Newer Hudson versions store the SCM polling log together with the
build (if it was started by a SCm change), so hopefully we can get
some info from that. To see the polling log for a certain build, go to
the Build page, click on the "Started by a SCM change and you should
see the full log. (similar to

If you dont have a link for the SCM change then you will have to
manually watch the SCM polling log just after you reboot your server
to see why the plugin triggers a new build.


On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 13:57, Tom D'Aurizio <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Good morning,
> We have a large Hudson master/slave farm using both the TFS and base clear
> case SCM plugins.   We've been trying to figure out why each time we restart
> Hudson (usually to install a plugin), Hudson triggers a lot of builds.   Not
> all, but a large number.    This morning I restarted, and looking at the
> list, realized all of the builds it's triggering on restart are TFS
> based.      Some blow away the workspace, some do not.   I've been all over
> jira, and see nothing like this, so it's probably something dumb we're
> doing.    Have you heard of this happening before?
> Thanks, and happy new year!