Setting different build area with issue-8446 implementation

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Setting different build area with issue-8446 implementation

Now that issue 8446[1] has been released into 1.421, is there any
information on how to actually use it,
i.e. what environment variables to set or command line parameters to
pass to the war file.

We would like to use this feature, as our matrix builds with artifacts
are around 10gb for each run, running ~10 per day, which means we eat
diskspace on our server.
And we would like to move these to a larger networked disk which has
much slower access times.

please can the wiki page for starting and using Jenkins [2] be updated
with the relevant information as this seems to have all of the other
environment variables and command line settings.

It also seems to be missing the optional JENKINS_HOME (and older
variations) item, which is only referenced on the administer page[3]