Splitting/Merging/Clustering JUnit test results?

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Splitting/Merging/Clustering JUnit test results?

Simon Richter

I have a matrix job that in each leaf runs the test suite twice, once
normally and once with memory checking enabled, each of which generates
an XML file that can be parsed with the JUnit parser.

Now I'd like to present the results in the overview in a useful way:

1. separate normal/memcheck runs from the same build
2. merge results from different cells of the matrix
3. if tests fail only in some configurations, try to cluster by label


1. I have the JUnit plugin parse both generated XML files, but only the
normal test run (<Site><Testing>...</></>)shows up in the result
summary, not the memory checker (<Site><DynamicAnalysis>...</></>).

2. Test results are only available inside the matrix configurations, no
summary is available

3. I haven't looked at yet, since I need result merging first.


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