Switching DB in pipeline maven integration plugin

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Switching DB in pipeline maven integration plugin


Hey everybody,

We have been using this plugin for quite some time, without any issues. Then last week, something changed (I am still not sure what, tbh) and we started to get hanging builds because of Problems connecting to the H2 DB.
Searching the net, most solutions said to use an actual DB, so I setup PostgreSQL and reconfigured the plugin to use that.

I don't have the final results yet, seeing how the big workload will start during the work week, but I did have a question upfront:
The plugin shows that the DB is working and there is some data in there. I would like to know what happens to the old data? It doesn't appear to be moved to the PG Database, but some of the projects I checked do still show things like the built artifacts.
Is the plugin using both DBs?
Also, do I (at some point) need to delete the old H2, or will this shrink and die on it's own?


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