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Tomcat VS Windows Service

We have a couple of different build systems, using Jenkins on Windows Servers.  Older versions (Jenkins 1.5, 1.6).  On one of the projects they are creating a new build system, using the latest Jenkins, and installed Jenkins to run on Tomcat.  They did this because that is the way that the old system was, and, other groups in the company have it running on Tomcat.

I am trying to figure out what the advantages or disadvantages are of with running as a Windows service, or running using Apache Tomcat.   I have done searches online, and see articles that say you should use Tomcat if you have a Java Web application, or, are writing your own custom plugin.  There are articles that say use a Windows Service so that it restarts when the system is booted, yet our existing installs have the Tomcat service as Automatic, so it starts when the system is booted.

I am not sure what the benefits and disadvantages are of going either way.

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