Upload a groovy file from the local machine to the groovyCommand

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Upload a groovy file from the local machine to the groovyCommand

Charles Moulliard

How can we upload a groovy file from a local machine to the jenkins instance - workspace as the following reports the error within a FreeStyle project "ERROR: (script, line 81) File backupPOM.groovy does not exist in workspace" ?

mavenJob('check-bom-dependencies') {
    description 'Maven Job checking the BOM dependencies of the Spring Boot project'

    logRotator {
        numToKeep 3

    parameters {
        stringParam('TAG', '2.3.4.Final',
                'The release version for the artifact. If you leave this empty, ' +
                        'the current SNAPSHOT version will be used with the ' +
                        '"-SNAPSHOT" suffix removed (example: if the current version ' +
                        'is "1.0-SNAPSHOT", the release version will be "1.0").')

    scm {
        git {
            remote {
                url 'https://github.com/snowdrop/spring-boot-bom'
                branch '$TAG'

    preBuildSteps {
            groovyCommand(readFileFromWorkspace('backupPOM.groovy')) {

    rootPOM 'pom.xml'
    goals '-B dependency:tree'


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