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Using Slaves and online / offline

Daniel Laird-2

I have a number of slave nodes connected to my master Hudson instance.  However these slave nodes are peoples desktops and as such I currently use the option to bring them online / offline when required.
This has worked really well - until now.

I have installed the distributed workspace cleaner because otherwise the builds collect on lots of slave machines and result in disk use scaling.
This plugin at then end of a build will check all other nodes to see if the workspace exists on them and if it does it will clean them up - solving my problem.

However, the machines may be off (i.e powered off) - to check this I try to ping them before any other steps are taken.
The machine may be on - but the slave may be offline.
My question is - If i do a connect call to a slave computer - ((Slave) node).getComputer().connect(true); Will this bring a machine 'Online' so that I can then execute a deleteContents call.

If not is there an easy way to bring a node online from a plugin?

Hope you can help
Many thanks