Web hook is Poking but not Building

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Web hook is Poking but not Building

Sujeet Kumar Padhi
I have created Jenkins Pipeline Project and added the web hook to the GitHub Repo.
Wherever I push something on the master branch, build is getting triggered automatically on Jenkins.
But, when I make some commits to the other branches, the build is not getting triggered.

In logs I can see it is receiving the request and poking as well, but it does not trigger.

Received PUSH for https://github.com/sujeetkp/JenkinsPipeline from ⇒
Received PushEvent for https://github.com/sujeetkp/JenkinsPipeline from ⇒
Poked Pileline-12th-Jan-SCM

Note: It was working fine earlier, but now it has stopped working suddenly.

I am not sure how to troubleshoot.

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