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Hi All,

I am new to Jenkins, when i am trying to call windows batch job, job is successful, but in console output i could not able to see the logs, The batch job when run in cmd.exe is running successfully.

I call below bat file,
D:\New\Project\Jenkins\expdp.bat %UNAME% %PWD% %CONN% %DMPDIR% %DMP% %LOG%

I can only see below output, but i need to see the logs fully, Please help.
I also installed Display Console Output Plugin as well.

Console output #37
00:00:00.002 Started by user anonymous
00:00:00.004 Building in workspace C:\Users\Administrator\.jenkins\workspace\Oracle_expdp
00:00:00.013 Triggering Oracle_expdp » default
00:00:09.022 Oracle_expdp » default completed with result SUCCESS
00:00:09.503 Finished: SUCCESS