Workspace clean-up killed jobs

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Workspace clean-up killed jobs

David Aldrich-2



Two of our declarative script jobs have failed for similar reasons.  The jobs normally run with no problem.  We are running Jenkins 2.91.


The jobs take several hours to complete.  Each one failed part way through and gave the following message in its console log:


ERROR: missing workspace /data/hudsonuser/workspace/<job_name>_trunk on <node>


The Jenkins system log shows this message that is coincident with the failure:


Started Workspace clean-up
JENKINS-34564 path sanitization ineffective when using legacy Workspace Root Directory ‘${ITEM_ROOTDIR}/workspace’; switch to ${JENKINS_HOME}/workspace/${ITEM_FULLNAME} as in JENKINS-8446 / JENKINS-21942


What is going on here and how should I fix it?


Best regards




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