Write java tests on PC 1 and run them in Jenkins on PC 2

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Write java tests on PC 1 and run them in Jenkins on PC 2

Heinz Niesrind
I'm trying to understand how or if it is possible to write selenium/webdriver tests in Java on PC 1 and give the finished test to PC 2 which is running jenkins to test the application which in this scenario is a website.

So I'm at PC 1 with eclipse, chromedriver, selenium/webdriver installed, using JUnit in my maven project.

So I have a state where I can write a webdriver/Junit test that I can start with maven on MY machine.

But now I want to give it to ANOTHER machine that is running a jenkins server so that that machine can run the test code I've written without my machine being on.

How do I do that?
What guidelines do I have to follow?
How must my files be structured/named?

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