convert declarative pipeline stage to scripted pipeline

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convert declarative pipeline stage to scripted pipeline


I already used the following declarative cleanup pipeline for Jenkin, according to the feature of my code, I have to convert into the scripted pipeline, how I can convert it to the scripted pipeline?

stage ('Cleanup Feature Releases') {
     steps {
         script {
             envParameters = Utils.getEnvParameters("${TARGET_ENV}")
              withKubeConfig([credentialsId: envParameters.K8S_TOKEN,
                                             serverUrl: envParameters.K8S_API_SERVER,
                                             contextName: CONTEXT_NAME
                ]) {
                sh "Running on ${params.OVERRIDE_NAMESPACE}"
     post {
         failure {
                cleanUpNotification("FAILURE", params.DRY_RUN)
          aborted {
                 cleanUpNotification("ABORTED", params.DRY_RUN)
           success {
                  cleanUpNotification("SUCCESS", params.DRY_RUN)

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