how to configure a custom parser for jenkins Warnings plugin

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how to configure a custom parser for jenkins Warnings plugin

Sylvain Plancoulaine
Hi all,

I am trying to do a user defined parser using the gui for 

According to documentation, it should be easy to understand, but It is not so straight forward to me to understand what should i do.
I am far to be familiar with that and don't know what is groovy

For Name, it is clear: I can do what I want: my_personal_parser

For Link name : I do not understand hyperlinks to what

Trend report name : An arbitrary name Compiler Warnings Trend

Regular expression   : something like this should be good \*W,(\w+)\s+\(.*\) but I don't exactly understand what should match

Mapping script: Do you have example of groovy script, or link to documentation? I also do not properly understand what log parser is waiting

an example of log message in my case is:
xmelab: *W,DLCIML (../systemc/bin/plt/foo/cds.lib,1): cds.lib CDS.LIB file included multiple times '/sw/cadence/xcelium/16.11.002/lnx86/tools.lnx86/inca/files/cds.lib' (cds.lib command ignored).
TOOL: xmelab(64) 16.11-s002: Started on Apr 12, 2017 at 18:11:40 CEST

Thank for your help,



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