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hudson.Lookup & Hudson.lookup()

Jason Dillon
What is the point of the hudson.Lookup class and its methods exposed on hudson.model.Hudson?

It looks like this is only used to store the PluginInstanceStore singleton object... or am I missing some other uses of it?

This seems rather pointless; Lookup is a map  (that only contains a PluginInstanceStore), and PluginInstanceStore's only element is a field which is also a Map.

I'm just curious really.  I've been trying to figure out all of the different components and types of components that Hudson is making use of.  Lookup itself seems like a component model, separate from extension's, and separate from other static singletons sprinkled throughout the core.

Booting up a fairly vanilla Hudson shows that the "data" map of the Lookup instance only contains:

    {class hudson.PluginManager$PluginInstanceStore=hudson.PluginManager$PluginInstanceStore@1330b13c}

Why is it there?  Is there some Stapler magic going on that uses Lookup?

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