[jenkinsci-ja:687] ビルドでのカスタムエラーメッセージ

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[jenkinsci-ja:687] ビルドでのカスタムエラーメッセージ

Adrien Ruffie

私のナンバーワンのビルド段階(build step)を与えることを試みます。ビルド(build)の最後にエラーメッセージに表示します。

Hello all,

I want to customize the failure message at the job ending (you can see it in attached file).
My problem is also, I have several "Script shell" steps in the same build, but when one of them fail, the failure job report don't specify which one failed ...
Do you know one mean to give one number in each "script shell" step in order to specify it in the failure message ?

Thank you very much and best regards.


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