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Lidia Marchioni

Is it possible to have a per slave view of the executed jobs?  Here is
an example: I tie a job to slave1 and execute it.  Afterwards I want to
execute the same job on a different, specific slave - the only way I
found I can do it is to tie it to the other slave, e.g. slave2, and
execute.  Now both executions show for slave2 and none for slave1.

My expectation would be that if I follow the project view, I see both
jobs.  However, if I follow the node view, I should see jobs executed on
that node.  However, it seems that once I tie a job to another slave,
all previous executions are listed on the new slave.  Is there a way to
see past jobs executed on a given slave regardless of the current tie of
the job?

Hope I'm making myself clear...


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